Inspired by Jhushan Township’s natural resources and bamboo crafting industry, the main purpose of this event is to showcase Jhushan’s distinct bamboo culture and its brilliant craftsmanship. Put together in collaboration with elite Taiwanese and foreign craftsmen, four Public Art installations entitled the Sun, Moon, Mountain and Township, are demonstrated. Additionally, bamboo crafting workshops and seminars are held to welcome the public to actively take part in the making of bamboo wares and learn more about the beauty and splendid techniques of bamboo crafting.

  The event is titled “Mount Township, Dream of Bamboo: Enjoy Bamboo Crafting in Taichi Wonderland”. Bamboo in Mandarin Chinese is pronounced the same as the action of building something, or weaving a dream. Thus the title of the event can be interpreted as an indication that Jhusan is the dreamland of bamboo crafting industry, or that Jhushan invites people to come and weave their own dreams. Taichi wonderland includes well known tourists spots of Jhushan. The enjoyment of appreciating bamboo crafting is one of the main goals of the event. With the collaborative effort of both local and overseas craftsmen, contemporary bamboo craft is to be introduced and related closer to us all.

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